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Latest News

 Games are on for tomorrow

Fields will be ready to go at 9. Our first game is at 10.


We will be playing as RPR at Fultondale March 1, 2019.

Black Creek Park

749 Yarbrough Road

Fultondale, Al. 352178

Our schedule is:

10:00 R & D

11:20 Titus Company

02:00  Travelers

The cost is $ 15 per person.

If anything happens that you can not make it to the game, please call me ASAP at 256-508-7432. If we get a chance to hit before that time, I will enter the date and time on this site.

We will be wearing blue jersey''s with gray shorts.

If anyone wants to stay at my house Thursday night, they're welcome to stay. I am about 1 hour from the ballfield.









                            We      RPR    OPPONENT

Atlanta Recyle            14            12          won

Atlanta Recyle            16            20         lost

Atlanta Recycle           9             21         lost


July 29,2016

Another great weekend!!! 

We win at Cullman for the second straight year. 

MVP for the tournament was Jimmie Young and the All tournament team was Moto, Herbie, James and Jimmy Cook.  Great weekend and what about coming from behind against a great Boys of Summer team in the finals.  It is not over until it is over.   What a comeback.

I will try to add the scores later.


July 11,2016

What a great performance from our team.  When you consider how hot it was and the number of players we had, they did a fantastic job of winning another tough tournament.  When you look at the teams in the tournament, That was an incredible weekend for RPG. 

Great win at Auburn.  Our MVP was Herbie Prince  20 for 27, All tournament was Jimmie Young 20 for 26, James Mitchell 17 for 26, Jerry Guten 17 for 26, Richard Jones 20 for 25 (he's back), Phil Rowland 19 for 27,  and Lenny 16 for 26.

The scores for the weekend were:

                             RPR              Opponent

Columbus                16                      2                won

Grace Redeemed    17                     18               lost

Columbus                14                     12               won

Atlanta Recycle         6                     10               lost

Columbus                18                     13               won

Atlanta Recycle       18                     17               won

Atlanta Recycle       22                     21               won


June 25, 2016

Great win in Marietta!!!  What about Moto coming thru with the Home Run in the top of the seventh.  I will add the all tournament information later this week.


I wrote up the details but they were not saved.  I will find the details of Marietta and add them to the site.  I also need pictures of Marietta, if anyone can send them to me.  


June 11, 2016

Knoxville Tournament

We lost a lot of close games.  We  were missing our regulars, Moto (California), Daryl (family), Richard (Knee surgery), Lenny (Prior commitment),and Jerry (prior commitment),for sure.  A few extra hits and we could have won every game.  Our subs did a great job filling in for them.  Denny Reasner was All Tournament and was 15 for 17, James Mitchell was 15 for 19, Phil Roland was 13 for 17, and Mike Brothers was 13 for 15 for the weekend and did a great job at third base.

Our scores for the weekend were:

                            RPR          Opponent

Tubby's Pub          21                 23          Lost

GAS                      16                 19          Lost

Dayton Legends    19                 22         Lost

Atlanta Recycle     18                   8         Won

Boys of Summer   15                   17        Lost


April 12, 2016

We won two and lost two in Panama City.

Richard lead us in hitting with a 13 for 15 performance.

Jerry Guyton was selected as player of the tournament.

James Mitchell was the defensive player of the tournament


April 6,2016

I have rooms reserved for the following people for Panama City.


Moto and Herb

Jerry and Darryl

John Smiley

I have one more room for the first person that calls me.

They should cost about 79 plus tax

I reserved rooms for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Call me if anything changes at 256-508-7432.

Thank you, Denny



March 20, 2016

We had a good weekend, but played some really good teams.

Moto lead our team in hitting. He was 20 for 24.

We won 4 and lost 2.

The scores are on the stats page.


October 2015

This is our first tournament with our 2016 team roster. 


We won 2 and lost 3

Columbus            22   TAG  19

Edge                    20   TAG  13

Ranew                 12   TAG  16

Ranew                 19   TAG  22

Boys of Summer  19  TAG 17


February 8,2016



TAG Went 3 for 3 with a great group of ball teams.  All the teams that were at this tournament were by invitation only. They had to win at least one Tournament of Champion Tournament to qualify to go to this tournament.

Bracket play:

6.  Slug A Bug             31       TAG       20

5.  Redhawks              11        TAG      12

4.  Kona (Hawaii)        11        TAG      20

3.  Minnesota              13        TAG        7

2.  Pepco (OHIO)        19        TAG      12

1.  Minnesota               7         TAG      16     


September 20,2015

Scores of the games and batting stats are posted.

Dalton,Ga. World Championship

We finished second to Randy Smith Trucking. 

John Smiley did an outstanding job in the outfield and was our Defensive  MVP

Selected for the All SPA World were the following:

Monte Miller who's on base average was .909.

Darrell Moreland who did a great job of pitching and had an On base average of .806.

Bubba Smith, Tom Mackey, Jimmy Young and Herb Prince.

We won 5 and lost 3 for the week.  


See you all at Reece City on Saturday. August 22.  We should be there by 9 and hit until 11:30.  We then go for lunch. It is a good time if you can make it.


August 17,2015

Birmingham, Liberty Park  


Tag Softball wins their fourth tournament of the year!!!

You should text Moto and thank him for helping make this a great tournament.  I thought it was well organized and the fields were outstanding.  His number is 205-353-7224.  It would also be nice to thank Richard for a great job coaching our team.  Text him at 205 239 4799.

Our All Tournament team consisted of:

Moto had a great weekend hitting and a few great defensive plays,Ellis had an awesome weekend in the outfield. John Smiley played great defense and rounded off his great defense with a great weekend at the plate.  Daryl had a good day offensively and did a great job on the mound and as usual, Herbie was solid at the plate.  

I believe the best part of the weekend was the 10 runs we scored against Grace Redeem and coming back to tie Boys Of Summer in the sixth game. Lost that game and then turned it around in the seventh game against a very good Boys Of Summer to win the tournament. That shows us all that, we are never out of a ball game.  Way to go team.  The scores for each individual game can be seen by clicking on tabs above.  

Don't forget to let Richard know about the upcoming tournaments with Columbus, Dalton and the other questions in his email. 


August 4,2015

TAG Wins their third tournament of the year!!!!!!!



We won 5 and lost 1

Final.      TAG.    38.  Çolumbus LX     21

Game 5. TAG.   16.   Columbus LX     14

Game 4. TAG.   19.   Dixie.                   17

Game 3. TAG.   25    R D G.                  14

Game 2. TAG.   25.   Atlanta Recycle 16

Game 1  TAG.     5.    Columbus LX.      6

George Williams led the team in hitting (On base average 952)and was the MVP.

Richard Jones on base average was 866.

John Smiley's on base average was 809.

Tom Mackey and Moto Miller each had an on base average of 807.

Great hitting by them and the rest of the team.

Daryl Moreland did an outstanding job of pitching.



July 29,2015

Cullman Tournament begins on Friday.  

Three pool games on Friday.

Double elimination begins on Saturday morning.

If anyone would like to stay at my home in Madison (one hour North, from Cullman),  Call or email me (Denny) and I will let you know how to find the house.  You are welcome to stay the whole weekend.  I will have two bedrooms available.  


 July 12,2012

We had a great tournament.  Our record for the weekend was 5 wins 1 loss.

Everyone contributed and helped us to win our third tournament of the year. 

We did had a few who played exceptionally well this weekend:

Tom's on base average was .760. He also made the play of the year with a diving catch in the seventh inning to save the game.

Dudley led the team with an on base average of .857. Moto was second at .833. Jimmy was third with at 769 and had a few towering home runs.


Johnson City Update

Pool play

Game 1 Tag 25 TriCity 14

Game 2 Tag 16 Royals N Ç 17

Game 3 Tag 22 Lewisville   7

Double elimination

Game 1 Tag 24 Boys Of Summer 14

Game 2  Tag 24 Royals N Ç 8

Game 3  Tag 18Royals N Ç  16



July 7,2015

We will be hitting at 1030 behind the field if its unlocked or  a soccer field by the complex

We will be playing three games on Friday, July 10th at 4137 Bristol Highway Johnson City, Tennessee.  Field 3

Winged Deer Park is the name of the sports complex.

12:00 Crestpoint TriCities  Johnson City, Tn.

  3:00  Royals Contracting   Raleigh N.C.

  6:00  Lewisville Masters  Winston Salem,  N.C.

As soon as we can determine a place to hit, we will text everyone and let them know where we will be hitting before the 12:00 game.



Future Tournaments:

July 10-12             Johnson City, TN

July 24-26             Gadsden, AL

July 31-Aug 2        Cullman, AL

August 14-16         Birmingham, AL

September 4-6      Burlington, NC

September 17-20   Dalton, GA



The phone number for the rooms in Johnson City, TN is:  423-282-4611.  I talked to the lady today and she said she would still give us the TAG Softball team discount.  Use Ellis Mayfield's name when you call.

The address for the Hotel is:  HOLIDAY INN  101 WEST SPRINGBROOK DRIVE    JOHNSON CITY TN  37604

I have a room with a double bed if somebody would like to share a room with me.   Denny Reasner Call me at 256-508-7432.



We won three and lost two at Marietta (see statistics by clicking on the appropriate tab). Richard  Jones was all tournament with an on base average of 800, and Bubba Smith was all tournament and his on base average was 789.

Saturday 06/27/2015

First round of double elimination:

12:00 P.M.  Strykers


Friday 06/26/2015

10:30 A.M.  TAG  14  Flip Dow 13

  1:00 P.M.  TAG  15  Boys of Summer 14

The address for Al Bishop Softball Complex in Marietta:

1082 Al Bishop Drive

Marietta, Ga.  30008

Update for Marieta: 06/26/2015 thru 06/28/2016.

Darrell, Do you know where we can meet before our 1030 game to hit a few?

First game will be against Flip Dow at 10:30 on field 1.

Our second game will be against Boys Of Summer at 1:00 on field 1.


We will be hitting at Reece field at 930 on Saturday 6/20



We will be hitting at Reece Field at 9:30 on Saturday.  Call Richard for directions to the field.


All tournament stats, Batting averages and scores can be found by clicking on the labels at the top of the page.  


Our next tournament will be in Marietta June 26-28. 

6/07/2015    (SUNDAY)

Won    Atlanta Recycle 25-19 in the first game on Sunday.

Won    Brickyard  23-20 in the second game on Sunday.

Lost     Columbus LX 23 to 22. 

For the weekend, We won 6 and lost 3.  Everyone played well. We had a great weekend. 

We had three All Tournament players:

Jimmy Young Batted .861 for the weekend and played a stellar defense in the outfield.

Tom Mackey with his usual diving catches and many other great defensive plays at short. 

Dudley Cook did an outstanding job pitching and batted .700 for the weekend.

6/06/2015   (SATURDAY)

Lost     Boys Of Summer 18-24

Won    Zeppelin 27-12

Won    Cincinnati 25-9

Won    Universal 18-16

 We're down to the Final Four, we play Sunday morning at 9:30.    

06/05/2015   (FRIDAY)

We are playing Brickyard at 6:00 Eastern Time   We won this game 22-7

We will then play Universal at 7:30 Eastern Time We lost this game 15-17

We are going to try and find a field as close as possible to the game field, to hit a few before the Brickyard game around 4:30 to 5.  We will let you know the location of the field as soon as possible.

The address of the game field is:

8050 Oak Ridge Highway
Knoxville, Tn  37931

Click Here to display a map

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